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The hot core box cleaning method of coated sand core machine
1. The working principle is driven by the grinding pump and compressed air, and the grinding fluid is sprayed onto the surface of the mold by the spray gun to achieve the purpose of the casting mold. Grinding fluid is used to protect the mold with a certain amount of abrasive (white corundum sand, glass balls and other artificial abrasive materials) to be mixed in a certain proportion, placed in the lower body of the storage tank. When working, the grinding fluid in the storage tank can be used to enter the spray gun through the abrasive line with certain pressure and flow. At this time, there is also a grinding fluid bypass by the device in the mixing nozzle at high speed, so that the storage of the abrasive and the carrier fluid is mixed evenly; In addition, the compressed air from the external air source through the (overflow) pressure relief valve, the solenoid valve into the spray gun. The spray gun is the main part of the direct discharge of the liquid. It is connected with the grinding fluid and compressed air piping system and is set in the upper airtight working chamber. After the injection of the grinding fluid on the surface impact of the casting mould, it flows down from the disc table and returns to the storage tank through the mesh plate. In this way, the spray cleaning of the casting mould is completed.
2, cleaning process according to the different technical requirements of core box, there are two work modes to choose from: (1) without compressed air, only by grinding fluid supply pump, nozzle to accelerate into casting mould to be cleaned. It is suitable for general cleaning and maintenance of core box. (2) grinding fluid system and compressed air system start at the same time, provide grinding fluid and compressed air to gun at the same time, make its mixes in the spray gun, by the high speed jet nozzle to the casting mould surface, grinding fluid flow. Because have spirit, pump and work style, spewing gas and grinding fluid with more pressure, by the fluid around the grinding fluid particle kinetic energy increased, effectively improve the cleaning ability of the core box resin (mainly is suitable for the core box surface fouling cleaning).
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