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Design of hot core box ejection machine
One. Design of hot core box
The hot core box is a special core box on the hot core box core shooting machine. When the core is made, the core box is heated to the temperature of 200 ~ 250 degrees centigrade and is washed by core sand. Therefore, the core box has higher requirements and the core box structure is more complicated.
The hot core box is mainly composed of core box body, positioning mechanism, insert block, sand discharge port, exhaust, heating and core pulling.
In fact, the design of hot core box mainly includes: selecting core box material, determining the box surface, designing the core box body structure, determining the form and position of the ejection port, determining the positioning mode and the core mode of the core box. It can't be ignored when it is designed.
Two. The structure design of the core box
Selection of 1. subtypes
The core box parting surface refers to the two sides of the core box contacting each other. The parting surface of the hot box is different from the type of the core shooting machine, such as vertical sub box, horizontal sub box and multi-directional parting. Vertical parting is mainly applied to small sand cores. Horizontal classification and multi-directional classification are mainly applied to medium and large sand cores.
The surface of the hot box can be planar, curved and stepped, depending on the shape of the sand core. In order to facilitate processing and manufacturing, we should choose flat parting surface as far as possible. When selecting parting surface, the sand core should be left in the moving box, so that the sand core can be pulled out by the core pulling mechanism. The following measures can be taken to this end:
(1) the containment surface method of large moving core box to sand core
1) simple and symmetrical sand core: the parting face shifts from the center of the sand core to the non top bar for 0.3-1 millimeter, which makes the core box of the top bar increase, and the sand core is left in the core box when the box is opened.
2) sand core with complex shape: the complex surface and the deep concave surface can be placed on the side of the moving core box.
3) the moving core takes a smaller inclination of the core.
(2) the adoption of auxiliary institutions
1) set the auxiliary ejector pin on the side of the static core box and leave the sand core in the core box when the box is opened.
2) the "grab card" mechanism is set up on the head of the moving core box. When opening the box, grab the card and grab the sand core on the side of the moving box.
(3) the adoption of operational measures
1) the two half core boxes use different heating temperatures. The core box with the core pulling mechanism (generally called the moving core box) has a higher heating temperature.
2) spray different quantity of release agent. The core box of the core pulling mechanism should be coated with some release agents.
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